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Press releases

You don't have to have earth-shattering news to create a publishable press release.
All you need is a simple, well-written article tailored to your audience."

Press Releases

A press release is one of the most under utilised marketing tools. It is an extremely cost-effective way of reaching a wide audience - whether in the local paper, a specialist magazine or even on the radio.

If you have a story that broadly fits into one of these categories, then you have the basis for a press release.

Types of Press Release:

  • Do you want to announce a new product or service?
  • Have you won a major new contract?
  • Are you involved in supporting a charity?
  • Have you launched a new website?
  • Have you formed a strategic partnership?
  • Has your company won an award?
  • Have there been key changes in personnel or roles within your company?
  • Has your company experienced substantial growth in business?
  • Are you expanding facilities or taking on new staff?
  • Have you achieved a major business milestone?
  • Do you have a humorous story?
  • Have you carried out any recent surveys?
  • Do you offer an unusual service?

We can write a professional press release, and choose the best possible places for distribution. 





Press releases






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