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Search Engine Optimisation

"Having a great website is of limited use if no-one can find it. Take the extra step of investing in search engine optimisation to ensure that your website can be found."

Search Engine Optimisation

There are several billion websites out there and the number is increasing all the time. Search engines are extremely useful in helping people to find the right site - but few people look beyond the first few pages of results. Your site needs to be in the top 30 (ideally in the top 10) for all your most important search terms. So how can you climb the list? 

Here's a very brief outline of a few basic ways to improve your search engine positions.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips:

1. Frames - Avoid using frames as the basis for your website. Search engines don't like them.

2. Key Words - Choose your main key words carefully, then use them in the body text of your home page.

3. Alt Tags - Use key words as Alt Tags for each photo as they can be weighed more heavily than normal body text. (The Alt Tag is the text that appears when your mouse hovers over an image.)

4. Header Text - Make sure your most important headings (H1) contain key words. Search engines give them more weight than normal text so your important phrases will stand out.

But if you're serious about improving your rankings, you should employ a professional consultant to optimise each page of your website. This will mean the search engines can find the right phrases in the most important places, so your website ranking will improve.

If you do employ a consultant to improve your search engine positions, beware of those who promise to get you number one rankings - no one can guarantee this! Click here to read Google's guidelines:

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"Outsourced Marketing's work on optimising search engine positioning of the Chilworth Science Park website has at least doubled the number of enquiries we are receiving from potential tenants."

John Brooks
Finance Director
Chilworth Science Park Ltd

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